Our Story


When lifelong friends Jonathan and Will lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they turned this in to an opportunity to take control of their futures.

The idea of Mogul & Dram actually started a little before this moment and involved several experiences that stuck in the mind's of both the founders.

Back in 2019 Jonathan was visiting Japan during the Rugby World Cup. While immersing himself in the culture he came across the delight of Suntory Highball. This is a Whisky & Soda which is blended with lemon and has a refreshing taste experience. 

Jonathan shared his experience with Will, who had already heard about this whisky cocktail from other  rugby world cup tourists.  Jonathan & Will decided they would replicated the drink at home for friends and family. Instantly they approved of the drink and discussion started of what else they could mix with whisky to be able to offer a plethora of options. 

Jonathan & Will both enjoy living a balanced, healthy and outdoors lifestyle and they want this to come across in Mogul & Dram branding and messaging. They want to inspire others to get outdoors, try something new and enjoy the moment. Whether it's climbing that peak you've always wanted to do, cooking that new dish for friends at the weekend or simply enjoying a sunset with a refreshing Mogul & Dram.