What does Mogul mean to us?

What are some of the biggest challenges ( but also thrills) when traversing down a snow covered mountain?....... Moguls. 

Everyone takes a different route and learns different lessons and ultimately we end up in the same place and look back with a sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, 'moguls' can remind us all of how we can carefully and pleasurable navigate ourselves through the course of life. Taking time to meet with friends, enjoying a hike in the mountains and putting in the hours at work. 

During these moments you have to stop and enjoy the little things, reflecting on the course you are on.

What does Dram mean to us?

This delightful term emanates from Scotland, where it’s used to refer to a single serving of whisky. 'A wee dram' is often consumed when in good company, to celebrate or simply to enjoy.

Why whisky you might think. Well we both enjoy it, but we know its not everyones go to drink, it's a complex and can scare many (we found this too don't worry). We want to show you that whisky can be drank in more ways than you thought, so we have infused a fine scotch whisky with soda water and natural flavours for you to enjoy on any occasion. 

Scotch whisky is often referred to as the ‘water of life’ and a few drops of this can do wonders. 

Now it's time to make a mountain out of this mogul.